ON READING the letters page (Have Your Say) of Monday, July 8, I am supporting the couple who say they can live without the well known mass hypnosis machine the TV set.

I say this because half of this nation’s population, a supposedly erudite population, are, according to ratings, long-term worshippers of soap operas.

Another trend is for the repetition of programmes, a good way of saving production costs on something else to fill up the time with. I am sure one could go on and on finding good reasons for not owning a TV, and paying the excessive licence fee.

There is a an alternative, buy a computer or a tablet of a fair size, and watch You-Tube.

Those who are not aware of this service, will be pleasantly surprised at so many subjects, movies, documentaries and many other interesting items.

The best thing of all is that it does not require the owner to have a hefty licence to pay for.