In reply to Mr Lund’s letter published on Thursday, I would like to ask the following (non-ranting) questions which he may answer as he sees fit:

1. Who labelled our judiciary (probably the least corrupt in the world) as “traitors” merely for interpreting the law correctly?

2. Why was Jo Cox M.P. murdered?

3. Who put a totally inaccurate statement on the side of a bus and the day after the referendum admitted it wasn’t a “fact” but an “aspiration”?

4. Who attacked innocent Polish workers in the street merely for speaking to each other in their own language? Who forgot - or didn’t know about - the valiant Polish pilots who fought and died on our side in the war “we” won?

It seems to me that the ranting - and worse - is mainly on the Brexiteers side. I do not accuse the “leavers” of stupidity or ignorance. Sadly, they were deliberately misled by those who hope to profit from an unregulated economy which will enrich the few and impoverish the many. For an example of boorish bad manners, look at the Brexit MEPs who disrespected the EU anthem while continuing to draw pretty substantial salaries for being there. These are the aspects of our current society which depress me. They do not belong to the country as it used to be.

D.J. Gould (octogenarian)