A REPORT recently released in the national press, says that Britain’s economy is facing the biggest risk of recession since 2007, with ongoing domestic uncertainty over Brexit, and a slower global economy.

The report “Failing to Plan – Planning to Fail” would certainly appear to relate with the numerous deteriorating standards of everyday lifestyle we are subjected to in Weymouth at the moment.

With often many long-suffering members of the community being dragged kicking and screaming into the so-called world of advanced space-age technology, numerous years of acceptable service and standards seem under threat, under siege, eroded and increasingly becoming non-existent, as dictated by some of the big high street names.

With less and less staff on duty to serve customers, on attempting to make a purchase one is directed towards scanning self-service cash machines that often fail to operate properly.

A multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company that thrives on highly-priced products, often has no staff on duty at the store counter next to the dispensing section.

Under immense pressure and dealing with numerous urgent medical prescriptions much of the time, staff are expected to quickly move from one section to serve in another.

Walking through the store on several Sunday mornings recently, many product displays on the shelves were untidy and in dis-array from previous days of trading.

The group is concerned at falling profits and turnover at the moment – surprise, surprise.

With the St Thomas street Post office and services closing again without notice for a second time recently, many old age citizens who still rely on drawing their weekly pension are left with no place to collect their weekly money.

There is a fine Post office in Dorchester – why not Weymouth?

A doctor’s surgery of many years closed recently.

At short notice, my medical practice inherited around 800 new patients.

With ever increasing hospital waiting times, a NHS letter referred me for an eye examination.

To date, no appointment has been confirmed. The letter was dated February 7, 2019.

In spite of their corporate slogans saving the planet, forests and oceans etc, it is confusing to see the grossly enlarged range of plastic or cellophane packaging for items like breaded scampi and cod fillets.

On a positive note, one thing that is thriving in Weymouth is daily shoplifting.

A well-known high street on-line and mobile banking service for your convenience now opens 30 minutes later each day.

On entering the banking hall, the latest promotional material features two so-called male TV celebrities, one of which was convicted on a drink-driving offence not long back.

The items featured above are just the tip of the iceberg.

It would appear that many seaside resorts in the UK are also neglected and run-down, as recently highlighted in a report by Lord Jim Knight, who served

as a MP in this area some while back.

As a new Prime Minister enters Downing Street, perhaps more priority could be given to sorting-out the many problem areas existing in the UK at the moment, in preference to advising other global regions in the world how to handle their affairs?


Newstead Road, Weymouth