I WAS stranded with my husband and girls in front of the Drax estate on Sunday due to a flat tyre.

We were meant to be at our friends farm for a barbecue and instead were stuck on the A31 waiting for recovery.

There a kind gentleman who drove out of the estate but returned 10 minutes later with ice-creams and water.

We were not aware at the time who the kind man was or what the estate was called.

Discussing with my colleagues at work I found out it belonged to our very own lovely MP Richard Drax. I googled his image and it was indeed him.

Although we were stranded for over an hour on the A31, my girls were thrilled that they got ice-cream on a hot sunny day from a very kind gentleman.

A big shout out to Mr Drax for being so lovely and kind. Thank you.


Consultant Paediatrician

Dorset County Hospital