WHAT a mess in Damers Road under the west station railway bridge.

Pigeon droppings over both side paths.

The iron is so corroded now that now and again little bits the size of 2p coins fall off.

The graffiti is a disgrace.

It was quite tasteful when first done but now just a total mess.

Doesn’t anybody care what it looks like to visitors passing in their cars?

Now to make matters even worse they are closing our Marks and Spencer.

We are the county town of Dorset.

If clothing doesn’t pay pay why not turn it into one big hall for food. The best one I’ve been in is on the Isle of Man.

My friends and myself will certainly not be going to the Weymouth, Poole or Bournemouth store.

You have already taken our Dorset Echo office away. What next.

Name and address supplied.