IT seems we are becoming very forgetful and need to think very carefully before running down the EU and ask yourselves a simple question: Why, if the EU is so bad, did we join?

No viable country need join a European federation so why did we?

We joined because the UK was flat broke and penniless and nothing we were trying on our own was working.

Now having joined and thanks to 50 years of benefits from Europe “Jack Sprat” has got back onto his feet and thinks he is ready to go it all alone. I fear in this he is badly mistaken.

There was never a need for a country like the UK to so consistently fall off its feet in the past, but it did.

It continually went downhill until it joined the EU and now once again free from Europe will now fall all over again, since the proof is there for all to see in the value and decline of the UK pound and its fall of nearly 500 per cent against the American dollar.


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