I REFER to the article by John Tomblin regarding ‘We need a Brexit Deal’.

Mr. Tomblin is obviously a remain voter and is of course entitled to his opinion.

However, he states that you do not accuse your friends of collaboration. Clearly the EU is no friend of the UK. The recent BBC documentary featured EU negotiators stating that it was always the intention of the EU to make the UK a colony of the EU, not a friendly comment in my view. The PM is absolutely correct in calling Hammond and his cohorts collaborators; how else would you describe them?

As for his inflammatory use of the often-used term ‘crashing out of the EU’, I don’t recall the UK crashing into the EU. We joined and we will leave in an orderly and managed way. Mr Tomblin is correct that the referendum never offered leaving with no deal; neither did it offer leaving with a bad deal as presented to Parliament by Mrs May that was rejected by Parliament not once but three times.

I am constantly frustrated and extremely angry at the assumption made by remainers that leaving with no deal would be damaging to this country.

Where is the evidence? It’s just guess work no one knows what the result would be.

I would not trust economists or the metropolitan elite to give an honest assessment of the outcome, conflict of interest springs to mind.

The so called experts who attempted to sow fear into in electorate were proven wrong as they always are.

I also find the constant denigration of the British workforce and UK business to be shameful, what ever happened to pride in our country.

As for Mr Tomblin’s assumption that several polls show that the electorate favour the government to stop leaving without a deal utterly without foundation, fact or evidence, just more nonsense from remain voters who cannot and will not accept the result of the democratic result. They obviously don’t like the result however to be blunt they lost the argument. Get over it and accept the result with good grace and humility.

I won’t go into the potential disaster that awaits our country if we remain in the failing institution that is the EU.

Peter Kan

Brown’s Crescent,