RON Hill (“We decided as a nation”, August 23) displays the flawed thinking of many Brexiteers.

Brexit was a ‘leap in the dark’ but is becoming ‘fleshed out’; now hardly what many people thought they were voting for.

The referendum was devoid of the harsh realities now surfacing like scum on a blue lagoon.

If one decided to emigrate only because his chosen new location had nice shops and good weather, he would be considered devoid of common sense.

He would be ascribing ‘notions’ to his ‘chosen land’ without looking into the details of what he would be committing to.

It might turn out that his qualifications wouldn’t apply there or the cost of accommodation was sky high or that his children wouldn’t be guaranteed a decent schooling or his pension would be less etc, etc,

Do Brexiteers actually do any research? They seem guided only by their emotional dreams of bygone days and an irrational hatred of the EU.

The majority of them are too old for it to affect them, unlike their children and grandchildren whose opinions and aspirations have been cast aside in a hysterical frenzy.

This has distracted the vast majority of us from the reality of poverty spreading like a malicious disease through a country mesmerised by Tory propaganda into believing that the poor have always brought poverty on themselves and the economy is in great shape!

Even ‘Downton Abbey’ romanticises reality into acceptance rather than challenging the status quo.

Nearly a quarter of a million of our children are officially homeless many living in ‘rabbit hutches’ at £800 a month. Our taxes force-feed the ever-open mouths of landlords via housing benefit.

Our future is usually decided by the First Past The Post voting system.

Currently, a Tory Cabinet not especially blessed with common sense but rich in networking skills ignores the poor health and absent welfare of the 70 per cent of the population they don’t represent.

This attitude is mirrored locally; Dorset Council pushes ahead with grossly unpopular housing developments with its once-again Tory-dominated Cabinet.

The much-maligned Labour Party is often accused of ‘radicalism’ but if this Tory government isn’t radical with its right wing ideology what is? The Lib Dems need to be much more radical in their policies and ‘fight fire with fire’.

At least Corbyn is consistently social-minded and doesn’t worship the ‘false gods’ of Donald Trump and Big Pharma.

Mr Hill should remember what he wished for when ‘the cock comes home to roost’!

Mike Joslin