THE bile goes on and on.

The frequent reference to our so-called lack of representation shows a curious lack of information that could be mistaken for ignorance.

Last summer we were given our right to vote for the candidates in each European Parliamentary constituency.

I chose to assert my right to vote.

If others chose not to, then they should have no say in the resulting membership.

The European Parliament has been working for many years, regularly re-elected, and representing various political parties.

They represent their country’s interests and sit in either Luxembourg or Strasbourg as the case may be.

We have not been vouchsafed any mention as to their futures, however.

On November 1, the British Members will become redundant and arguably stateless, since their state will no longer be part of the EU in any way.

If they continue to sit in the hemisphere(s), what will their remit be?

Politics is a funny old profession, but I really wonder about the European Parliament as a career now.

Helena M. Smith

Dagmar Road,