Whilst watching the film The Viceroy’s House the other night I was struck by the similarity between the fall of the British Raj in India and the current Brexit debacle.

The decision to institute partition proved disastrous in 1947 and has the potential prove so in 2019 given the similar unbending, entrenched, unreasonable behaviour of those in charge of us.

Interestingly or more accurately, frighteningly, a major factor in 1947 is also mirrored today by the willingness of many to separate themselves from all Europeans and even our own kind across our national boarders.

This so as to live in what they expect to be splendid prosperous isolation.

As Churchill said “Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

Knowing that will be of no comfort to our children as they try to right the crippling error of their parents.


Portland Road,