ONCE again it is good to hear from our local non-stop writers to put us straight on how democracy works.

As we did not know what we voted for in 2016 we should now have a referendum to sort it all out, very commendable and democratic you would think except, as we already said Leave there is no need to put Leave on the ballot paper just May’s deal or stay.

I like this as it makes us vote in a one-sided democratic way.

As some like to let the populous vote how would they feel if Putin gave his people a vote to either stay in a independent Russia or join the EU, then 75 per cent of Russians voted with 52 per cent wanting to join the EU – but he and others decided no, we will have another vote.

I am sure the Echo pages would be full of democrats writing with rage about him.

I like so many others are fed up with continual letters from the same few about this subject, talk more about local issues please.

David Read

Milborne St Andrew