CHRISTINE Tempest (letters, Dorset Echo, Tuesday August 27) like many others, seems not to recognise the essential nature of democracy.

Discussions concerning its relevance to us here in the UK can never be, as her letter is headed,”wearisome treadmill”.

The lady`s claim that the referendum was advisory is a nonsense.

It was no more advisory than the previous referendum that kept us in the EU.

At that time it was never appreciated here that the initial plan, between the two World Wars, to create the EU, was founded on the federalism that has created the monster as now exists.

Voters here were allowed to believe that the EU was, as it was then described, a Common Market.

Democracy was deliberately sidelined in the dream-like aims of the instigators to create a federal republic led by Germany and France.

Democracy, from its ancient Greek root, means government of the people or their elected representatives.

EU Commissioners who control the EU are merely self-appointed place-men who who are not subject to the essential democratic control of being voted in or out; the very antithesis of democracy.

Democracy in the UK means, `first past the post`.

What other countries do in setting up their parliaments is irrelevant.

No threshold was set because those `arranging` the referendum believed the result would be a foregone conclusion to stay.

Indeed, in the UK, votes are never so arranged.

The only bully-boy in the House was and is, Bercow, a man who has partial bullying and threats have disgraced the Speaker’s chair.

Their should be no confusion about the meaning of democracy as the lady claims.

The dictionary definition is quite clear and more than adequate to put our present situation in context.