“WOULD people be trying to overturn the decision if the vote have been in favour of Remain?” asks Nick Frisby.

Of course they would!

The issue has split the nation in two and the wound isn’t going to heal any time soon.

The past three years have only been the start of it. We can go on arguing for another three, or four or 20 without reaching agreement or an acceptable compromise.

Could we try something different?

Supposing we call a temporary truce and say that instead of spending the next 10 years in hysterical conflict over Brexit, we put the whole unwieldy issue, temporarily, on the back burner so that we can concentrate on the more urgent matter of climate change.

Brexit has been the headline for too long. We’ve become dismally parochial.

We have to reunite with mainland Europe to call time on deforestation, we should be talking to Canada, Russia

and China about how to deal with the northward march of whole populations of climate refugees, we have to address soil fertility food and water supply

on a global scale, and work towards resilience against flooding.

Our politicians haven’t done anything useful for years and the population is chronically depressed. We need to unite in a worthwhile project.


Fancy’s Close,