Barry Tempest writes that it is not factual for me to call the EU undemocratic.

I'm sure Mr Tempest knows that a dictionary definition of democracy means a government of the people or their elected representatives. EU Commissioners who rule the roost and set the agenda in the EU are not elected, they are simply self-appointed and are therefore presiding over an undemocratic institution.

Setting the agenda as they do is most certainly government by diktat. In reference to the Referendum, the 'promises of the campaign' to which he refers were meaningless (on both sides); the only matters of consequence were the benefits to be regained by Leaving, ie. democracy and sovereignty. Any lack of detailed support in my letters was as a result of my attempts to keep them as short as possible.

Peter Redman's ideas regarding comparative campaign spending are almost risible when one considers the government's spending on the initial leaflet to all voters plus the antics of the BBC, some Remain politicians and individuals to defeat the rights of the Remain voters. I have never believed the '£350m lie' as he puts it; not have I ever believed the fear campaign put about by the demonstrably lying Remain camp.

Mr Redman's belief that EU Commissioners can only can only take measures permitted by EU law ignores the fundamentally undemocratic appointment of these gentlemen in the first instance.

The EU is effectively controlled by Germany and France which came together to formulate the undemocratic ideas for the formulation of the supra-national federation of nation states as now exists. Why also would an organisation which we freely, if foolishly joined, be so grudging in allowing our leaving?

Perhaps the fact that we are one of only five nations paying in while 22 only and always take out. That is surely unfair and undemocratic.

The only good thing our then New Labour Chancellor Brown ever did, was to keep us out of the Euro, judging we were incapable of meeting EU financial and fiscal requirements The EU meanwhile has taken in many countries, stretching its boundaries ever eastward, which are similarly incapable of meeting EU requirements, but are welcomed nevertheless, to the detriment of the entire bloc.

Ron Hill

Corfe Road