Mr Hill (Letter, 28 Sept) might be interested to know that the “organised rabble” he describes in Luxembourg was largely made up of UK citizens who are currently working or studying in other EU countries and/or are married to other EU nationals. The outcome of Brexit will seriously affect them. Those who have lived there for fifteen years on the basis of Britain’s EU membership, have had no say in the referendum and have been largely ignored by their government.

They are now in limbo with no idea what their futures might hold.

No wonder they hoped to put a few questions to the prime minister.

Many of the participants in this “planned ambush” spent their time singing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

I realise this is not the sort of orchestration Mr Hill had in mind, but does it suggest a level of hostility that would deter a seasoned, senior politician?

Christine Tempest

Romulus Close