WHEN the 400 space car park is laid out for the Gateway Retail Park (Echo 1/10/19) would the landowners please not hand over the monitoring (if any) to one of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) scammers.

When four septuagenarian Weymouth ladies used my car to visit “Solent Retail Park” in Havant back in March, one of them, whilst there, became unwell. With no ticket machine to buy extra time, they exceeded the two-and-a-half-hour limit while the ailing pensioner rested until she felt able to travel back to her chalet on Hayling Island.

On my receiving a “Parking Charge Notice” (PCN), notice to keeper, asking for £90 and dressed up to look exactly like a council “Penalty Charge Notice”, I immediately replied explaining the reason for the short overstay.

At the end of June they sent me a letter rejecting my appeal and enclosing a unique code for me to appeal to POPLA. (Parking On Private Land). Turned out this code had time expired.

These companies must comply with the British Parking Association (BPA) code of practice (Jan. 2018 version) to access the DVLA data base for the vehicle keepers address.

This they have failed to do.

I now have an expanding file as they continue to send me threatening demands for payment. The latest correspondence now tells me they have passed me on to a debt collection agency.

Four ladies restricted to 2&1/2 hours in a retail shopping park.

What planet are they on??

ASDA, here in the middle of Weymouth, allows them 3 hours. Like I say, “Scammers”.

Rodney Best

Doncaster Road