I think it’s a real shame that the Sea Life tower is to be taken down.

It’s something different that makes Weymouth stand out from the other resorts and the views are amazing.

But if there is going to be a hotel and luxury flats behind the Pavilion, they won’t want people going up and down the tower in their windows and from the top of the tower would you be able to see over the hotel?

If Weymouth is so desperate for another hotel and flats, why not convert the old council offices, nice views over the harbour.

Then behind the Pavilion you could have some indoor family activities for the summer days when it rains (at least once a week) as there is very little to do on wet days so families will go somewhere else and may-be not come back here to stay.

It would also be somewhere for local families to go summer and winter, a win, win.

Teresa Clark

Preston Road