Keith Peckover from Portland writes in Thursday’s Echo that an ‘easy start could be made by re-opening Portland Hospital’ in relation to a government announcement about building new hospitals.

As one of a number of people involved in the ‘Keep Portland Hospital’ campaign, obtaining over 5,000 signatures, arranging massive coverage all over Portland, in the Free Portland News and the Echo and gaining a huge response to the Hands Round the Hospital appeal, I feel I must explain to Keith and anyone else who is not aware that, a year down the line, the hospital has never closed, it is still very much open and thanks to the campaign provides more services and clinics than ever.

It is also now the proud home to Portland Connect Day Centre (formerly Fairfield) - contact 01305 821337.

For anyone living on Portland and the surrounding areas, remember there is also an excellent daily minor treatment unit.

Check their website or look in the FPN for all the details.

I am also a member of the Portland Hospital Development Group which is working closely with local community groups, the council and others to ensure the hospital benefits the people of Portland.

We are about to plant a mini orchard and hope to develop the land in the future to provide space for local people to grow their own fruit and veg.

Have a look at the Portland Facebook pages to keep up with developments.

And last but not least, we will keep striving to get our community beds back.

Joanna PearcE

Foundry Close,