I have voted for 45 years in Tory West Dorset and because of my socialist leanings, as far as I can recall, I have never elected anyone to any office.

Nevertheless, I have always accepted the outcome of the voting, I have never queried the result or asked for a recount or re-run of the election as I understand and accept the democratic process of the UK voting system.

However, I had ‘one vote and one vote only’ and I voted for Brexit.

I carefully researched the pros and cons of staying in or leaving the EU and came to a number of conclusions some of which were:- a) that the UK was the second biggest contributor to the EU coffers and one of the least gainers, b) by staying in, this country would be subject to the jurisdiction of an organisation where 90 per cent of those elected (MEPs) were not at all interested in UK affairs, c) even worse than that the EU is actually run by appointed posts (commissioners), not elected or accountable to voters, d)that the administration of the EU is not cost effective, is bureaucratic and wastes huge amounts of money - the UK could spend its contribution in a much better way.

I was really pleased that 17.4 million people were like-minded and wished to leave the EU behind.

I was even more happy when all the major parties affirmed that they recognised and accepted the outcome of the referendum and would work towards leaving the EU as soon as possible.

Well, after three years that original joy and elation of actually ‘winning’ a vote has been ground into the dust.

We now have a political party, the Lib Dems who are actively wanting to overturn the result and totally ignore 17.4 million people - unbelievable.

We have a Labour party who can’t make up their mind, feel that they can negotiate a better deal, then have another referendum for the deal/leave but will then vote against the deal to stay in (I think?)- confusing or what?

We have a Parliament who want control and refuse to let the government govern, accusing it of dirty tricks and yet have themselves used every trick in the book to stop Brexit - therefore giving control to the EU.

We have a gang of local remainers who write ceaselessly to the Echo about how wonderful the EU is and how those who voted leave are misguided simpletons and very stupid to believe anything the leave campaign ever said - please stop, you are repetitive, boring and extremely insulting.

As said before, I am not a Conservative voter, but I am desperately hoping that Boris Johnson will be able to carry out the will of the majority and take us out of the EU with or without a deal.

However, I have a fear that this will not happen and the referendum result will be undermined.

At this point I may have to take off the retirement slippers and join the massive protests which I am certain will happen if this is the case.

If finally agreed by the timorous ‘rebel alliance’, a general election with some tactical agreements between Brexiteers could help clear out enough of the undemocratic ‘remainer’ MPs to enable a leave decision and maybe this time my vote may count - without Letwin in place I could vote for the new West Dorset arch-Brexiteer Tory candidate and finally help put an MP in Westminster.

Mike Swann,

Chickerell Road,