Further to the article dated September 22, which has changed fundamentally the statement of intent of the council to democratise the decision-making by local communities that have serious traffic problems in their areas, I’m asking the council for help in this matter.

This change negates any understanding we have had, or actioned, based upon the original policy, and stymies all attempts by us the constituents of the councillors to resolve our local problems.

What may we ask, are the residents of Bryants Lane in Wyke Regis acting as vigilantes for the council, in becoming unpaid, untrained, local traffic constables ourselves, in assuming the role of the police with speed cameras to hand in deterring the rat racers using Bryants Lane as a speed track, going to be responsible for?

Indeed what legal protections do we have in assuming this role?

I cannot imagine any car/van/lorry owner that is stopped by a flash of a camera, being acquiescent to our request to cease and stop using Bryants Lane as the outer lane of the M1 Motorway - a riot would ensue.

Nigel Gauder

Bryants Lane,

Wyke Regis,