IN 2015 we celebrated the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, when a group of barons stood up to arbitrary King John and established that no king (or government) was above the law.

The last king that tried to challenge this, Charles I, was executed by Parliament.

So it is a high risk strategy.

Seeking to subvert and destroy the hard won freedoms of our democracy is extremely dangerous. And for what?

If the Eurosceptic MPs vote against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, will they too be deselected and thrown out of the Tory Party?

He already has a minority of - 45 and a 100% record of losing parliamentary votes.

Will there be enough room on the opposition benches for all the rebels?

It is not the Remainers, nor the Eurosceptics which are causing all the problems.

It is reality which is bursting all the Brexit bubbles.

Andrew Milroy

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