I WRITE to support Linda James’ concerns in her letter of November 1.

I agree that the Tories cannot be trusted with our NHS.

We are now getting warm words of support, almost certainly to be followed by betrayal, as they sell off parts of the NHS to US firms.

My experience of attempting to correspond with Richard Drax is similar to that of Linda James. He never answers any of my letters, or responds to my questions.

Yes, these letters are often challenging and contain views contrary to his own, but his position as my MP should be to respond to my concerns.

I suggest that, in his inaction, he is failing in an important part of his job.

Just a few comments on Mr Drax’s column of November 1 - after more of his emotive and divisive language: “dishonouring... not fooled... appalled... the will of the people...” perhaps aimed at people like me who have the audacity to disagree with him, he urges us all to work together as a team.

We should all stride out towards the bright future that awaits us outside the EU. I have yet to glimpse this bright future and would never vote for someone who appears to disrespect my views and refuses to engage in discussion with me.

Perhaps I may get an answer from him this time?

John Tomblin

Littlemoor Road