Alvin Hopper, letters November 6, seems very upset by some flyposting by Extinction Rebellion and a few chalk lines left on shop walls to show the probable sea level in Weymouth town centre by the end of the century i.e. central Weymouth would be under water, lost to the sea for ever.

Would his descendants and mine be upset by the fact that, by 2100, we had lost Weymouth and many other seaside towns to the rising sea level?

The predictions of Extinction Rebellion are entirely credible and backed by overwhelming scientific evidence from climate scientists. We face a climate emergency that demands drastic action, which our governments have not yet taken.

I commend the recent book by Weymouth resident Geoff Kirby called “Flooding in Weymouth” to your readers. It sets out the stark choices we face.

Human action is also causing the extinction of other species at an alarming rate.

Hence the name: Extinction Rebellion. I joined the two marches by them in Weymouth so far.

They were colourful, friendly and effective. May I suggest how to deal with the Rebels?

Do a deal with them and join them to campaign for a better, safer future for all our children.

John Tomblin

Littlemoor Road,