If the arguments about Brexit were a horse they have not only been flogged to death but glue factories must be booming.

The UK is a washing machine on a permanent spin cycle.

Drax slavishly spins the party line (Echo, November 1), but do you trust what he tells you about sunny uplands, aka a ‘bright future’?

Richard Drax, along with the millionaire elites in the current cabinet, all have buxom pensions and handsome financial insulation against economic downturn. They don’t care about you. To them Brexit is just a game

As BoJo’s sidekick Dominic Cummings said recently: ‘We’re enjoying this’.

Leavers are not people who ‘didn’t know what they were voting for.’ They knew what they were voting for - in their own minds.

But, as they have found out, the cold hard reality outside their warm cerebellums is a rather different and unforgiving place.

At least 52% of me thinks Brexit is a gamble.

And here’s something to make leavers chortle with undiluted Schadenfreude as they sit in front of their fires hugging their little bit of regained sovereignty like a cat: it has not yet been 100% confirmed that my Dutch wife could live permanently in the UK in the future, or that I will be granted a residence permit to live in the Netherlands. Laugh!

The point is, we were all spun a Disneyland, and we’re getting a donkey ride.

Is it worth the upheaval?

If you buy into Boris Johnson’s shtick remember this - caveat emptor.

Steve White