Well the silly season is with us again, diminishing light, rain and spray and some fog through in.

Could someone please help me, and no doubt many others, to feel safer on our roads in these situations.

It seems logical, common sense, and self preservation is not in many drivers’ minds, so the law will need to convince them and the vehicle manufacturers.

As most of us know we put dipped headlights on so we can be seen, not to see, in daytime conditions. You see so many vehicles with no lights on or just side/parking lights, it is so dangerous.

Try overtaking on a motorway in the rain - unless drivers have headlights on coming up behind you with all the spray created you are dicing with your and their life.

Even worse, the manufacturers put the designer fairy lights on full-time - OK but drivers think that is enough in adverse weather conditions and it defies logic that some manufacturers do not have the rear lights on at the same time.

Again, in spray or fog coming up to a slower car can be dangerous if not seen.

Fog lights on - or is that too much to ask?

Can’t the RAC, AA or IAM or anyone else lobby the government for all vehicles at all times to drive on dipped headlights. If drivers won’t do it the law must to make our roads safer for all.

Ron Coleman

London Road,