I watch with incredulity each and every day drivers talking on, or looking at, their phones as they drive along main roads, or navigate roundabouts eyes firmly not on the road ahead.

Surely, there have been enough high-profile cases involving the deaths of innocent people at the hands of distracted drivers that people could leave their phones alone for a few minutes.

That brings me to the other, equally dangerous, problem that can arise.

Those drivers who think grinding to a halt in the most inappropriate of places to speak on the phone somehow absolves them of any blame whatsoever.

Recently, I was driving over the blind summit out of Dorchester towards Herringston when I had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear-ending a car that was stopped in the middle of the road in front of me.

My first thoughts were that the unfortunate driver had broken down and stopped to help them out of the road when I realised the young lady was talking on the phone.

Just in case she was calling a breakdown service I got out of my car.

She wound down her window and said she was fine and just needed to take an important call from work.

I suggested she find a more appropriate place to stop but she just ignored me and returned to her conversation.

Words fail me (unlike the young lady and all the others who seem unable to resist the potentially fatal attraction of the phone).

Please think what is more important. That call or the prospect of losing your own or somebody else’s life?