Does Chris Loder have a view on the advantages of Brexit ?

Chris, our prospective MP for West Dorset, invites people to get in touch, and I have asked him three times for his views on the advantages of Brexit. He has not been forthcoming other than to say is he supporting Boris.

I asked him who gains from Brexit?

What wrongs are righted, which group or class are better off, which region of the country gains, what aspects of British life are better because we have taken back control, which foreign imports are cheaper or which overseas holidays are better value, which hospital or care home will better treat its patients, how many English people will take the vacant jobs in horticulture, which exporters to the EU are helped, how science research is helped, what new laws prevented by the EU will make us safer or happier, which EU regulation is unfair or unreasonable, what is the value of any Sovereignty regained at the cost of global isolation and loss of international influence, what public good is served by the UK’s departure from the EU, not least the UK’s commitment to the Northern Ireland Good Friday Peace Agreement?

As Brexit is the central issue of this election, he must have views on the above, who, where or what gains from Brexit ?

Normally politicians, especially aspiring ones, are confident enough to state their case.

Perhaps the inconvenient truth and Chris’ reluctance is because whatever the possible advantages of Brexit, these are insignificant measured against the disruption.

Dorchester Business Owner