It is against the law to be in your vehicle parked at the side of the road with the engine running – and on the phone or iPad, but it seems very few people know this.

As I walk around I have explained this to many people in their cars and vans with engines running, and not one of them knew.

Some have been fairly abusive, and have illogical reasons why they need the engines running, but some have been pleased to know and turned off their engines.

I do also point out that it is causing pollution. Surely everyone knows that by now, and why do they want to waste fuel and money unnecessarily?

It is more surprising when it is being done outside schools, causing more pollution while parents wait for their children who then emerge into that air.

The schools could mention this in newsletters to parents, or put up signs outside asking for engines to be turned off – and say it is illegal.

The council has one sign by the bridge asking for engines to be turned off while the bridge is up, but it’s only on one side.

Could the council also provide signs for schools; there are many signs on the school gates about everything else!

A. Bardswell

Wyke Regis