I WISH to thank my retiring MP Oliver Letwin and the many other MPs from across the House who worked so hard to prevent a no deal exit from the EU.

These MPs suffered abuse and derision for doing what they believed was right for the good of the UK by following the advice of numerous economic and financial experts.

The referendum produced such a close result, wouldn’t it be an act of wisdom to find a solution that doesn’t alienate around 50 per cent of the population?

Wouldn’t it be wise to find a compromise in order to reunite the United Kingdom?

The Tory deal doesn’t and cannot do this because it has placed a border down the Irish Sea and will put thousands of jobs at risk.

The Lib Dems’ policy doesn’t and cannot do this because they (shockingly) admit they’ll ignore 52 per cent altogether.

The attacks on Labour’s policy mystifies. This is the only policy that attempts to compromise and bring the country together, rather than deliberately alienate half the population.

If we leave the customs union as the Tories insist we must, we will have to operate under WTO rules, until we have arranged new trade deals (which could take years and we will be the weaker partner in any such negotiations).

WTO rules are punishing which is why, since they were finalised in 1992, almost every country has entered into trading partnerships in order to avoid them.

Conversely Labour proposes staying in the customs union which will protect jobs and enable the trading negotiations with the EU to be far less complicated because so much will still be in place.

Staying in a customs union will also protect us from aggressive take- over bids and de-regulated imports.

No matter how we voted, don’t most people want the acrimony to end with a compromise? There’s only one party leader and one party offering just that.

Jane Burnet

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