I have recently had two very enjoyable afternoons in our local supermarket.

My voluntary work was to encourage customers to donate to the food bank.

My remit was to meet and greet as people came through the door and advise on how it was possible to donate to FairShare, Britain’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.

The supermarket involved has pledged to add 20 per cent of the value of items gathered in cash.

I love people and was keen to explain the importance of donating and was interested in the different responses everything from - I don’t believe in food banks, I’m embarrassed that we live in a country that needs food banks.

One lady who had missed me on the way in asked on her way out whether a fuel voucher could help.

Not convinced that putting a voucher in the collection trolley would help I used it myself and spent the saving that I made on fuel on items which I then donated.

A lovely retired nurse approached me explaining how he was wanting to do some voluntary work - I directed him to The Lions Club of Dorchester and District.

Another lovely lady spotted me on her way out asking me to select any item from her laden trolley.

I was proud to be part of the generous community that we live in here in Dorchester.

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