I wondered if Mike Joslin was joking when he praised Jeremy Corbyn for what he styles his ‘neutral leadership’ [Letters November 28].

Mike was referring of course to Mr Corbyn’s refusal to make his own views clear on Brexit.

I think there are other words to describe the Labour leader’s stance on that subject and neutral is not one of them.

Then Mike goes on to accuse right-wing political leaders of being ‘besotted with their own ideologies’ and to declare Mr Corbyn to be brave ‘in an era of governmental totalitarianism’.

As far as both of those issues are concerned, Jeremy Corbyn, his shadow chancellor and his adviser Seamus Milne have gone on record as being firmly wedded to far left ideologies and to have spoken with warmth of past and present totalitarian socialist regimes.

They are entitled to do so, but whatever Mr Corbyn’s position is on Brexit, a government under him would be far from neutral in its wider actions.

Richard Samways

Albert Terrace