Your correspondent Mr Tomblin (Letters 20 Dec) presents an interesting case for proportional representation.

In his scenario he envisages three minority parties horse-trading to form a coalition government – a tall order by any stroke of the imagination.

Presumably the common thread of such a coalition would be opposition to Brexit even though it was favoured by the majority of voters in the referendum and Labour’s position on it remains obscure.

By the same token and using his figures, the Conservatives aligned with either the Greens or Lib Dems could achieve a two-party governing majority.

Mr Tomblin’s vision would presumably give us Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister with 32% of the vote, the Greens represented in government with 2.7% of the vote and the Conservatives with the major proportion of votes at 42.4% having no say whatsoever in government.

Whichever way such a coalition went, the outcome would have been determined by the self interest of the political parties rather than the electorate.

That fact coupled with the quality of government under the Cameron and May coalitions doesn’t seem to me to be a very attractive proposition!

S Boichot

Littlemoor Road