I JUST wanted to share a thought but first to say thank you to the team of journalists and everyone at the Dorset Echo – it’s a great local paper.

We have had a regular delivery for just over a year now and find it keeps us up to date with local news and events and is a handy guide for our B&B guests in the summer.

Reflecting on 2019 I would like to respond to what William & Emily touched on in their column Dark Days of Politics on Christmas Eve, about the way we communicate with one another.

I agree with them when they say that they find the behaviour of politicians towards one another unpleasant.

I would extend this observation to commentators on the Dorset Echo webpage as well as some letter writers.

It is important to be able to articulate our views and opinions and there is nothing wrong with a bit of passion and emotional self-expression.

This does not have to include belittling and making spiteful personal comments about others whose views may be different to our own.

Such contributions detract from further debate and make some people reluctant to engage at all.

In a rapidly changing world with considerable challenges ahead our ability to come together to debate and find solutions will be increasingly important.

It would be good to create environments of mutual respect so that everyone feels welcome and safe to participate.

Peace, Goodwill & A Happy New Year!