THREE cheers for PR! (proportional representation).

New Zealand went over to that some years ago, without fuss or difficulty.

There are General Elections every three years in New Zealand anyway, and the voters feel really and fairly part of the Government in power at any one time.

Basically, there are constituencies and parties.

One votes for the Member, then for the Party, and what are known as List Members.

These are given seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for the party overall. The resulting Parliament is therefore a true gathering of people of all shades of politics.

No one party can grab all the power. The result is a well run democratic country, run by the people for the people and resultantly a very nice place to live; there are good brakes that can be applied without a war breaking out.

Just a suggestion, on a different matter. Is it not time that those people who ignore the many notices, articles in the press and endless signs everywhere, re safety on or near cliffs and beaches, should have to pay for rescue? This is often dangerous and costly.

A large donation, on the spot, might concentrate the minds of those who flout the rules made in respect of their safety for very good reason. Freedom of movement is one thing, putting other people’s freedom at risk is another.

Sooner or later, we shall be banned from cliffs and beaches because it is just too dangerous, and we, the public, too stupid to be left at risk.

Helena M. Smith Dagmar Road Dorchester