SINCE the UK Referendum the best part of three years ago, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit has received saturated media coverage on a non-stop daily basis.

Now, with Theresa May not travelling to Belgium five times a week, Boris Johnson has gained a majority of power since the recent General Election.

This Friday, 31st January, the United Kingdom will say "goodbye" to the European Union. No fanfare of trumpets; all the ongoing obstacles and disputed situation including the Irish Customs backstop have all ceased to exist in a puff of smoke - Farewell Brexit - Thank God!

At long last on this auspicious date, Big Ben is being renovated and cannot bong in celebration for the nation and the local council has not considered a fireworks display or beach party.

In spite of this, as Freddie Mercury would say, "I want to break free!"

Barry Sampson

Newstead Road