I AM writing to respond to the article about the council pursuance and imminent eviction at Willow Farm.

Thank you for publicising this hopeless waste of money and short-sighted actions of the council.

How much money has it cost to pursue this poor fellow?

I’d be interested to know.

He is almost certainly living in a very ecologically sound way using minimal resources and on his own land.

As a therapist working in there NHS I am only too aware of the huge shortage of housing, even more so affordable housing and funded housing is in very short supply.

It is high time the council adopted more ecological and generous views to people who are acting creatively, simply and economically and are not looking to make money from a money making occupation and build.

ould not take the mind of Solomon or Einstein to be able to work this out.

Having spoken to many people on this matter (and similar others) with people from mixed age, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, all I have spoken to would take a very much more lenient approach and take similar cases on an individual basis. We should all be living simply, quietly, economically and ecologically, Mr Gibbs is ahead of West Dorset council’s out of date and unkind mindset. The council is here to serve the people not throw them out of small, sound homes.

Ellie Madden

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