BORIS Johnson overlooks the obvious in his haste to appear decisive. Banning diesel and electric cars will suit only those that can afford the electric versions.

As if this country needs more divisiveness. He overlooks the fact that batteries need charging and will take 15 times as long to do so 3 times as often as filling fuel tanks.

What we really need is a good public transport network, Park and Rides and banning cars from towns. In Dorchester, about once or twice a week, the entire town and its by-pass come to a standstill in a complete logjam.

If Johnson wants to do something immediate and effective, he should make us all forego our cars for one weekday.

Together with car-sharing and a national speed limit of 50 mph, we would save 30% of our current transport carbon dioxide emissions; more egalitarian, more effective, more practicable, faster to implement.

We either take global warming seriously or die half-heartedly.

Mike Joslin