Koalas burn and polar bears starve. Whales choke and locusts swarm. The planet is in peril.

On transport we can act. Cars collisions kill but are more deadly with emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and particulates. These kill 20 000 a year in UK.

One bus can replace 50 cars. Bus use could increase with more free or subsidised routes. As a doctor I treat people injured by direct impact of falling when wheels are trapped in old railway lines. I treat people with lung and heart diseases caused by pollution.

As a councillor I met with Network Rail and council road engineers. My preferred first choice was to open a train /tram way from the park and ride along the old quay. Network Rail ruled this out categorically. Not possible to mix trains and cars nowadays.

On covering tracks I am told these measures fail due to the differential thermal expansions of tarmac and steel. I back keeping safe portions, whilst removing dangerous bits, and love the idea of a Pullman carriage at the Pavilion quayside as a permanent restaurant . Maybe we might see old lines re opened with fresh tram track meeting modern safety standards? In the meantime our old railway routes are perfect for cycling.

How about opening the old railway line as cycle route to the top of Portland or the route to Abbotsbury? The Camel trail in Cornwall is a great attraction.

I hope the funding bids are successful to enable the Weymouth railway forecourt to be remodelled as a bus interchange, as seen in Bath or Bournemouth.

There will be no life on a dead planet. If we carry on our old habits extinction looms. We have the chance to change and make sure the future is clean and healthy.

Cllr Jon Orrell

Crescent Street