IN RESPONSE to eminently reasonable points on the local gender pay gap and child poverty, made by Jenny Lennon-Wood, briefly reported under the sub-heading “Growth report expected” (February 21), Dorset Council cabinet brief holder Cllr Suttle is recorded speaking in terms of “providing leadership to drive improvement...working with partners to deliver interventions...raise aspirations amongst young people...develop linkage...identify appropriate pathways for progression.”

Statements couched in such polysyllabic, vague abstraction almost always are attempts to cover a determination to do nothing significant, and so it seems in this case.

The report continues: “Cllr Suttle said that the impacts of equal pay and adopting minimum wages needed to be ‘fully appraised, and would take significant time to deliver.’”

Has he not noticed, as cabinet brief holder, that these have been legal requirements for some years?

Do please try to keep up, Cllr Suttle.

Barry Tempest

Romulus Close