THE impact of the roadworks at the foot of Boot Hill have highlighted once again, the problems of our already congested roads around that area and the route to Portland.

Whilst we understand the necessity for these month long roadworks, they are just adding more pollution to the air quality of the area and journey time for drivers.

The alternative route through Lanehouse is totally inadequate to cope with the additional traffic. The solution to this is the construction of the Western Relief Road which will carry traffic from Portland northwards, avoiding the town centre and major residential areas in Wyke Regis, Rodwell and Weymouth East and reduce the poor air quality suffered by residents and pedestrians on Boot Hill, Buxton Road and Portland Road.

With climate change being a top priority, the reduction of emissions achieved by this road would have a major beneficial impact on local pollution levels.

Surely the Western Relief Road would be a major improvement for the town and for the development of Portland as a world class port, bringing much needed high quality employment to the area.

It would also improve safety on Portland Road for our young people travelling to and from school.

Cllr Richard Nickinson

Weymouth Town Councillor