WE WERE very impressed by Weymouth, as our tourist destination.

We were however very surprised by the terrible danger posed to children, adjacent to the fairground amusements at the western end of the bay. We of course refer to the road, looking like part of the prom, between the beach and the amusements.

We cannot understand how anyone couldn’t see how an excitable child could run from the beach and be killed on that road by vehicles hurtling along, as they were, when we visited.

Surely that road should be immediately closed to vehicles and traffic diverted around the one way road on the other side of the amusements, making that into a two way road. We realise that parking on both sides of the road makes that difficult in some places.

That could be sorted though, by not allowing parking at the town end or on the T-junction stretch, towards the harbour. Traffic lights would also solve the problem. Any fool can see something is dangerous once people are killed. The trick of being in government and an essential quality of politicians both local and national, should be to see dangers before fatalities occur and take measures to prevent them.

We are sure that government in the Weymouth district will live up to these expectations, before we hear of any deaths of children.

Carol and Edward Lyon

Culver Down


Isle of Wight