OUR elderly neighbour’s hearing aid needed fixing.

She had bought it from a well-known national opticians/audiologists company who’d been contacted but were unavailable.

Meanwhile she was unable to speak to her family or have a discussion with anyone which made her world during the Covid crisis even more isolated for her.

A search on the internet and a phone-call and the practice manager of Friths, offered to help.

She’d done her homework.

Unable to contact Friths’ audiologist, she searched the internet in order to find out how to replace the filters.

She then cycled two miles to open the practice to enable the hearing device to be handed over.

Top marks to Nadine Robertson for taking the initiative to do what was necessary rather than leave our neighbour unable to communicate with anyone during this present lock-down period. Nadine did so at no charge. When this is over, I have no doubt our neighbour will thank her personally.

Nadine is another excellent example of the wonderful kindness that is displaying itself at the moment in the communities across town, whether its shopping for neighbours; walking a dog or taking the unusual step that Nadine took. They deserve a mention.

Sheena Dearness