Having read the item in Dorset Echo on Friday April 10 re ‘Cyclists you’re not exempt’, may I say I also find cyclists a menace.

Every day I go for my walk and notice cyclists are not complying with government rulings.

In the Westham Bridge/Westwey Rd area, they overtake pedestrians a few feet distance, with so much space on the deserted road.

When they’re approaching us, we have time to ‘space away’!

Even crossing the road I’ve seen them leaving the cycle path near the Catholic Church, whizzing on to Westwey Rd, on the pavement!

A family passed close to me (cyclists) on Westham Bridge, they’re putting themselves and others at risk.

The Rodwell trail is barely two metres wide in places, making it difficult to pass cyclists and pedestrians.

So today, dare I take this to the Dorset Echo off by hand for my walk and risk passing cyclists on the Westham Way Rd.

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