Instead of a letter, I wrote a poem to cheer everyone up who are stuck at home. I hope this virus will soon ease.


Coronavirus or Covid-19, a disease the like of which we have never seen.

Many have died, more to come. Please, please STAY AT HOME!

Key workers risk their lives everyday. Listen, listen, please just stay!

It is so easy, plenty to do. Housework, yes, but hobbies too.

A good excuse to text and chat. Who can complain at that.

You really cannot say it’s boring. Keep busy, then every night you’ll be snoring.

We WILL get through this. And won’t it be bliss.

We’ll go to a café, paddle in the sea. Go to a neighbours for a cup of tea.

We’ll appreciate everything so much more. Especially the ones who kept going through it all.

A light at the end of the tunnel there. And lots of rainbows everywhere!

Valerie Ovens