The 75th anniversary of VE day is this Friday and speaking to those who lived through the second world war as I often do seems more important now during this anniversary and during this current crisis more than ever.

I was told by one resident who lived in the heavily bombed Rodwell area during the war that it was the community who got the home front through the war and I think we can certainly say that the community will will get the home front of this crisis through while the NHS and others battle on the frontline.

I see residents leaving sugar on each others door steps when short, Facebook discussion between residents on where you can buy eggs and flour, people shopping for their elderly and vulnerable neighbours and many of our small local businesses being well supported.

Littlemoor food bank has so far served over 200 residents in the last 40 days of operation, relying completely on the support of local businesses and local residents.

Morrisons have given us a generous weekly shop, the Front Skatepark and Tesco have kept us supplied with bread and veg on a daily basis, the Sutton Poyntz society have rallied donations as have the Ridgeway Church team and countless residents all over Weymouth including a toddler sized marrow donated by my fellow ward member.

A special thanks also goes to a very special lady who has taken it upon herself to raise us a massive £200 by selling plants in her front garden. The community has certainly rallied.

Cllr Louie O'Leary