Oh well done Blustering Boris!

Well done for Sunday evening's unhelpful - directionless even - speech.

Those of us living in seaside towns, such as Weymouth, can now eagerly await the arrival of crowds, all following Boris Johnson's latest directive: you can drive to beauty spots such as beaches; have picnics; swim; sunbathe... ( and who can't foresee a few drunken gatherings in this too?)

Are you ready Dorset County Hospital, for the rise in numbers of patients with the Covid-19 virus? Are you ready Dorset police officers, for delivering this confusing, ambiguous directive?

Are we, the residents of Weymouth, ready for this influx and, with it, the increased risk to our health, our lives and those of our loved ones?

Thanks Government for your great leadership. You can neither look after the NHS, nor your own people.

Sally Maslin