Understandably there will be concerns with regards to the proposed pedestrianisation in Weymouth. Overall, however, such a proposal is long overdue and we need to be looking at ways to enhance various areas of the town, none-the-least being the harbour.

It is regrettable that some are already assuming this is alcohol driven; the hospitality sector embraces both food and drink in addition to entertainment for which Weymouth Harbour already enjoys a great reputation. What is being proposed is an improved infrastructure whereby a more appropriate alfresco experience can be created. For a fact I know that some harbourside eateries are eager to invest in quality outdoor furniture should the plan go ahead - nothing shoddy in their minds as they plan for a quality image.

Of course all businesses need to be considered, especially the boating and marine fraternity. But with careful consideration, all can co-exist without affecting the desirability or the practicality of the harbour area as a whole. Indeed, to a certain extent we lag behind other towns that have developed waterside areas with enhanced benefits and popularity.

No doubt arguments against will include the loss of parking spaces, free for an hour during daytime hours. In past years this has been one of the reasons why pedestrianisation has not gone ahead. And there will be fears of accessibility once the road is subject to closure. But these shouldn’t stop this initiative as alternatives will be forthcoming.

Now is the time to take advantage of a golden opportunity to move on and do what so many people have envisaged for so long.

Incidentally, I understand this has not been triggered by harbourside businesses but by the authorities who, presumably, are keen to maintain the popularity of the resort as a whole.

David Johnston