YOUR article (Dorset Echo, Monday, June 8) re. summer focus of police crackdown made good reading. In this spirit it would be very welcome if, together with the council putting up much improved and certainly more visible NO CYCLING signs, the police might set up effective patrols along the Esplanade.

In my two years here I have seen many near misses between cyclists and pedestrians, particularly youngsters and toddlers. The speed, carelessness, selfish and erratic behaviour of cyclists both young and not so young, and now the riders of e-scooters, is insupportable. One would hate to see a nasty or even fatal accident occur here but from my experience it is a distinct possibility. Slow and responsible cycling would be one thing but the reckless and dangerous speed of so many along this walkway should be regarded by the police as something they would want to combat in support of both local residents, visitors and holidaymakers.

Ron Hill