ONE has to ask if we, as the human race, posses common sense as the Prime Minister would have us believe, or intelligence? Judging from the recent behaviour of the council, Lulworth Estate, police and visitors, I think not.

The world has, and is still suffering from the recent pandemic of Covid-19, with thousands of deaths in this country alone, let alone worldwide, even with those that have recovered from this virus we are led to believe many will have lasting lung complications which I understand are not curable as yet! Yet the following happens:

Raves, street parties plus celebrations at Liverpool - none of which are practising social distancing! The beaches of Lulworth, Durdle Door and Bournemouth have seen vast numbers of visitors descending upon them, again, through photos and numbers quoted social distancing isn’t taking place.

As a ratepayer and resident of Dorset, except for paying of taxes, I wonder what value residents have. A national emergency was called because of the numbers descending on the Bournemouth beaches, this emergency emptied some hospital beds, called emergency services from their duties, etc.

The council, according to the Daily Telegraph, blamed visitors, not themselves, for being unable to predict that good weather would bring visitors flocking to our beaches. A hint might have been that this has happened on numerous weekends before and we can’t go, at present, on holidays abroad so the British, who love the sun and sand, came to the beaches in their numbers.

A while ago members of the council, Lulworth Estates, police and other interested parties, had a meeting regarding the excess of visitors, the main outcome, according to your paper, being a ticketing system similar to the continent so when car parks are full and beach numbers met, the beach is closed. This is obviously not happening, otherwise a national emergency would not have been called which further put residents at risk by cutting down yet more hospital care.

A tannoy system to clear the beaches, traffic warnings en route, advertise target areas not local ones, strategic planning are some of the solutions that could have been used. But no! Just put residents at risk and whinge!

A disgusted resident and ratepayer of Dorset.

Heather Robinson