I THINK all Echo readers have been interested in letters about air quality which have appeared in the newspaper over the last few months.

There have been reports from some of the big cities that pollution was greatly reduced during the Covid-19 period due to fewer vehicles being on the roads.

One wonders what levels have been recorded in Dorset’s towns and villages during that time. Perhaps the relevant local authorities responsible for monitoring air pollution in the county will let us know, in simple English, how such readings compare with pre-virus times.

The Echo has published two letters from me on this matter over the last few years but my suggestions for information appear to have fallen on stony ground.

I beg pardon from the late Walter de la Mare for quoting, but slightly changing, a few words from his famous poem The Listeners. For trying to get information about pollution levels in Dorset one could say: Is there anyone there, said the traveller, knocking on the “pollution” door. We wait with bated breath, but answer there may be none.

Ron Kirby